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The pictorial portrait represents a lasting memory, suitable to survive over time.
It is definitely an original gift for a birthday, anniversary, communion, wedding and many other occasions. The oil painting creates, with the vividness of the colors and the shades, an emotional effect that simple photos are not able to give in the same way.

The portrait is done from a photographic image sent by you: execution time will be approximately fifteen days.
The portrait will be made with oil colors on linen canvas.
It is possible to send a black and white photo. The portrait can then be performed both in black and white and in color.
During the various phases of the painting, which will start from a fresh sketch without underlying drawing, it will be possible to see the development and review it together with the painter by e-mail.
Important: The final quality of the portrait also depends in part on the starting photo.
Since this is an artistic portrait, it is good to take into account that it could be appropriate, in order to give the maximum dignity to the person to be represented, a rearrangement with regard to the background and possibly other details. All this obviously in accordance with your preferences.
The finished portrait can be collected in person or sent by courier. Shipping cost depends on the size of the work and the place where it will be shipped. Payment to be paid by the buyer.

To have a painting with more than one person represented it will be necessary to contact the painter to decide the format. The price will be established in proportion to the format and for each person portrayed more than the single, the increase is € 100.

Oil on canvas 24x30 cm € 270.00
Oil on canvas 40x30 cm € 350.00
Oil on canvas 40x50 cm € 450.00

The advance for the start of the work will be 20% of the total price.
The total balance will be required at the end of the work, before shipment. It is possible to request different measures from those illustrated. The prices will be communicated later by e-mail.